Lapha Investment Ltd was established on 26 October, 2016 (Kartik 10, 2073) as a private company. The IDEA was conceived during the meetings of Magar leaders in different occasions, having a special objective of connecting entrepreneurs and enthusiasts worldwide through economic pathways; encouraging them to participate in a joint investment and finally achieve ‘the life of wealth and glory’.

We have seen many youths line up at the airport everyday, thinking of earning money as they work in the foreign soil. But, the reality of the situation only presents itself when they reach their working field. The dream of saving money that these youths had before they left their home country is now an unreachable goal, as they can barely survive on their own with what little money they earn. As a result, a large number of people living abroad are struggling to maintain their living standards. This situation forced to generate the concept of coming together, and working together. It was discussed many times and concluded that only salary based earnings can do nothing until we spread our hands in businesses. This was the reason for the birth of Lapha Investment Company. Originally, the name of the company was 'Lapha Investment P. Ltd. has now been changed to Lapha Group Limited.

It is envisioned that the company works as a joint investment company. The investment will be diversified in different sectors so that we can always keep the company on the right track. Certainly, Lapha Group Ltd will be one of the most prestigious companies in Nepal.