Lapha Group Limited (originally established as Lapha Investment P. Ltd) is an investment company with headquarters in Kathmandu, working to bridge people throughout the world financially. It is a suitable platform for you to invest, carry on your own businesses, or work as a partnership. You have money but no idea; idea but no money; even some of you have a good idea and enough money but no time. Don't worry, we are here. We plan for you and provide a diverse economic pathway that suits you. Our company works as a bridge connecting the investors to the consumers directly. There are good investment opportunities to have good returns. 
We are more fortunate that we are living in the age of modern science and technology. The world has become a global village due to the transport and communication. We can share our ideas, take part in and go together. This is the opportunity for all of us to make our fortune by ourselves. Therefore, it is aimed that Lapha Group Limited will be a common platform for investment and businesses. If we adhere to our objectives and strategies, certainly, we can have the results right here right now. Are you willing to be a part of us? We kindly invite you to join us and work with us. A short description given below will help you better understand our company.


To connect our circle of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts worldwide through economic pathways, encourage them to participate in joint investment and finally achieve ‘the life of wealth and glory’.


To be successful, any of the company should be governed by its own ideology what can be said motto. The MOTTO of our company will be ‘Unity and Honesty.’ That is to say unity within honesty and honesty within unity. In other words, Honest people come together to be united and work honestly so that more people encircled again to be united. All of us should have a strong conviction to this as honesty generates trust and trust empowers unity that may help to create a healthy environment in a whole system.


Persons with strong conviction in ETHICS in life and business can participate.


The formation of the Company will be of two folds: First-the founders or promoters with A shares and Second- the normal shareholders with B.


The vantage of Lapha Group Limited is for both ‘haves and have-nots’ as it provides investment doorways for the entrepreneurs as well as jobs and other opportunities for the industrious enthusiasts. Under-privileged people also benefit from our social services.


We believe in business diversity so that we can minimize risks and maximize profits. Our business strategies will be multi-dimensional and multi-layered:
1. Multi-dimensional Businesses
a. Real Estate
b. Agriculture and Livestock
c. Hotel and Tourism
d. Transport and Communication
e. Wind, Solar, and Hydro-power
f. Financial Operations
g. Health and Education
h. Profitable Businesses
i. Stock Trading

2. Multi-layered Businesses
a. Cows- varieties of milk products -milk product stores/milk product eateries
b. Agriculture (applied compost fertilizer)-Organic fruits and vegetables-grocery stores etc

Fund Allocation

Fund will be allocated in the percentage according to the overall maximum profitable projects; however, the budget will be intra-transferable from one project to another if it is necessary.

Why are we different?

We are different in the ways we work. We work honestly so that our company will be one of the prestigious companies in Nepal one day. We plan by ourselves, carry on our own businesses, work as an investor as well as the project developer. A unique project will be a home ownership scheme. We develop certain projects for this purpose. Any of the company shareholders who do not have a house will be able to buy one in installments at a reasonable price. From this, both the company and shareholders benefit equally.
Our projects will be environmentally friendly and sustainable, minimizing waste production, protecting natural resources and keeping ecological balance. Healthy environment, safe and secure living will be our project priority.