Chandra Jyoti

Hira Maya Ale Magar
Lapha Investment Ltd.

Chairperson Ms Hira Maya Ale Magar better known as her familiar name Chandra Jyoti Ale Magar has been associated with many other organizations. She is the Chairperson of magar association Hong Kong, member of Nepal Magar Association Central Committee, member of Magar International Forum, the coordinator of East-Asia Region(Affiliated to Magar Association), Senior Advisor of Hong Kong Nepali Mahila Sangh and Advisor of HINS (Hong Kong Integrated Nepalese Society) and Tanahun Samaj Hong Kong and also the patron of Nepal Magar Cultural Association, Raise Them Up Nepal (Run by Miss Magar Hong Kong Team).

She has been honored with number of rewards and certificates. Some of them have been short listed here: Adibasi Janajati Cheli 2013 (Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities Hong Kong), Women of the Year 2015 (NRN Hong Kong), Woman of the Year 2015 (Hong Kong Nepali Mahila Sangh), Bringing Women’s Awareness Through Cultural Expression 2016 (Hong Kong Integrated Nepalese Society), Appreciation Letter 2017 (Film Development Board of Nepal). Visits- Macau, Shanghai/Guangdong/Shenzhen (China), Singapore, Malaysia, Korea etc.

Words From The Chairperson

We are much delighted to announce that ‘Lapha Investment P. Ltd’(upgraded as Lapha Investment Ltd) has been established. It is an effort to connect our circles financially throughout the world and share our pleasure and happiness together. People dream and we must dream too but mere dreaming is nothing till it is actualized. Big action is more important rather than big talk. Therefore, our first priority should be the ‘action’. Our company motto is ‘Unity and Honesty’. Honesty generates trust and trust empowers unity that may create a healthy environment in the whole system. Working with true spirit, having quality products and aiming costumers first, we will be a leading investor in the market very soon. At the same time, we should be industrious and equipped with good skills of modern technology to keep our pace update.

I encourage all of you work with strong conviction for our better tomorrow.